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With Produck you can manage your resources more efficiently, have a better overview of the features you are developing and have all your team in sync.

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Folder Organization

Team Organization

Produck allows you to simply organize multiple teams and projects you are working on. For startups, we recommend to:

Create a folder for each department (Product, Success, Marketing, etc) and give manager roles to each of your team leads or VPs.

Organize your Product Team

On your Product folder, you can have a sub-folder for Design and a sub-folder for Development, allowing both teams to collaborate but also to have autonomy on their organization.

  • Create a project for each one of your core platforms or products, and use epics for each separate feature.

  • Inside each epic, you can create specs for the feature (using the inline-rich text editor) and have requirements be contextual to the tasks (so no one misses it!)

  • Use multiple-assignees to assign an epic to everyone involved, so they can review and comment on the specs and distribute the work to be done.

Task Descriptions

Release with confidence, together

Use Sprints to create releases, combining tasks from multiple projects and different teams, so when you launch a new feature everyone is on the same page.

Burndown and Sprint Graphic

Pro Tip: Increase your revenue! If you invite your clients as collaborators, they will also be able to create tasks. This is great because it helps them to brain-dump their needs faster, giving you more billable work in your pipeline.

  • Use Burndown Charts to track your team speed and know when you need to speed up to meet deadlines.

  • Use Sprint Release Reports to manage scope changes and better predict end dates.

  • Use multiple-assignees to assign an epic to everyone involved, so they can review and comment on the specs and distribute the work to be done.

  • Have a clear view of how scope changes, intrusions or changes on priority affect times, so you can take better decisions.

Onboard your Success/Support team

We understand that different teams have different ways of working, that’s why Produck allows teams to collaborate, reducing follow ups and keeping everyone in the loop.

  • As tasks on Produck can have multiple projects associated to, your Product team can review those tasks and add them to the relevant products and platforms to be worked by design and engineering.

  • Have a separate folder for your Success team, with their own project to collect feedback, bugs and requests from customers.

  • As the tasks stays also on the Success team project, they can see the status and get notified when there are updates, questions or blockers without having to ping your product team constantly.

Integrate with your workflow

Produck integrates with 1000+ apps via zapper and a few built-in native integrations.


Create Produck tasks from new starred Slack messages. Add new message in Slack when a task priority, status or due date changes.


Change Produck task status to In Review when new review requests created in GitHub, or create GitHub issues from new Produck tasks.


Need to make sure incidents are getting addressed as fast as possible? Add Produck tasks for new PagerDuty incidents.

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