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Produck allows you to build at scale, bringing your whole organization to a single place to collaborate, innovate, and move work forward.

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Your whole organization on Produck

Produck offers the flexibility to organize your departments, platforms, projects, or products in a way that fits your organization’s unique needs.

  • Have a single place for your entire organization to collaborate and move work forward

  • Enable teams’ autonomy while having full control of processes and workflows

  • Move projects between teams, or have multi-project tasks, enabling cross-team collaboration

Portfolio Monitor

Every folder has its own dashboard displaying an overview of nested projects and sprints.

  • Quickly visualize how each department/team’s projects and sprints are progressing

  • Have an overview of projects across your entire organization with your team dashboard

Granular Roles and Permissions

Have full control of what every member can access, view, or do in your organization.

  • Have different levels of permissions for the same person within different departments, teams, or projects

  • Invite stakeholders as free guests to only see the basics and get involved

  • Grant restricted access to contractors on a project-by-project basis

Plan and Report

Keep your work on track, adapt to scope changes, and have a predicted time when things will get done, keeping projects on time and on budget. Produck is perfect for agile teams, offering you all the tools you need with a great experience and responsiveness.

  • Use sprints to combine tasks from multiple projects that need to be completed during a specific timeframe

  • Besides list view, you can visualize sprints and projects on Kanban boards

  • Produck offers epics ,multiple assignees, priority levels, and more

Pro Tip: Group Tasks. Use our “Group by” feature to have a better overview. Group by Assignee is great to see the workload of your team and change assignments accordingly, while Group by Status gives you a clear indicator to spot blocks and delays.

Live Reporting

Burndown Charts and Release Reports are live-updated, meaning if anything changes on your sprint you will see it reflected immediately.

Pro Tip: Predict the future and avoid surprises! Use Release Reports’ predictive algorithm to have a glance at when a sprint will be completed based on the work that was already done and your team’s velocity. With this, you can communicate delays early or adapt the scope to reach your deadlines.

  • Use Burndown Charts to help you to meet deadlines and track your team speed

  • Release Reports help you to manage scope changes and better predict end dates

Get more out of your existing workflow

Produck integrates with 1000+ apps via Zapier and has a few built-in native integrations.


Produck integrates with Salesforce, a leading enterprise customer relationship manager (CRM) application.

Google Sheets

Automatically add new rows to a Google Sheets when a task in Produck changes states, priority and more.


Ever wanted to have emails from Gmail get sent to Produck as tasks? Create Produck tasks from new starred emails in your Gmail account.

Learn more about Zapier and Produck


The Produck infrastructure is provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), providing end-to-end security and privacy features built in.

Data Control

Our Enterprise plan gives you advanced data control like full data deletion, data export, and encryption at rest.


Your dedicated success manager will help you set up and use Produck to fit your workflow and optimize team efficiency.

99.9% Uptime

We offer the highest level of support, including 99.8% Uptime SLA, 24/7 support for urgent tasks, and 24/5 support with an eight-hour response time for less-urgent matters.


Control who has access to your organization with SAML single sign-on and Access Provisioning/Deprovisioning.


We understand that every team has its own needs. We use our seven years of agency experience to offer custom feature development tailored to your unique needs.