Be more successful on every project

Organize multiple teams and projects, keep work on track with sprints and reports, and onboard clients and contractors with restricted access and permissions.

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Projects & Sprints Overview

Create a folder for each client, organizing projects and sprints inside.  Every folder has its own dashboard displaying an overview of nested projects and sprints.

  • Quickly visualize each client projects and sprints progress

  • Spot blockers and delays as soon as possible

  • Make sure there is always work on the pipeline

Control access and permissions

Simply manage access and role permissions by folder, sprint, or project.

  • Only grant access to your team on the clients they are currently working on.

  • Invite clients as free Guests to only see the basics (not estimates, assignees, or any other internal or sensitive information)

  • Grant restricted access to contractors on project-by-project basis

Pro Tip: Increase your revenue! If you invite your clients as collaborators, they will also be able to create tasks. This is great because it helps them to brain-dump their needs faster, giving you more billable work in your pipeline.

Sprints and Reports

Keep your work on track, adapt to scope changes, and have a predicted time when things will get done, keeping projects on time and on budget.

  • Sprints combine tasks from multiple projects to be completed during an specific timeframe.

  • Burndown Charts helps you to meet deadlines and track your team speed.

  • Release Reports helps you to manage scope changes and better predict end dates.

Integrate with your workflow

Produck integrates with 1000+ apps via zapper and a few built-in native integrations.


The Toggl Button Chrome extension seamlessly integrates into the Produck UI, letting users track their time in Produck.

Google Calendar

Spot upcoming due dates by automatically creating a new event on a Google Calendar whenever a new task is created.


Ever wanted to have emails from Gmail get sent to Produck as tasks? Create Produck tasks from new starred emails in your Gmail account.

Learn more about Zapier + Produck