Produck vs Jira

Your project management tool needs to be beautiful and easy to use and, most importantly, it needs to make you better at work. Is Jira doing that for you? Let’s take a look.

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It's like Jira, but easy to usebeautifulbetter

Folder organization

In Produck you can create folders and subfolders to organize all your projects and sprints.

Multiple assignees

Allow your team to collaborate on the same task and work together with multiple assignments.

Granular user permissions

Both tools offer granular permissions. That said, while Jira has a big learning curve, at Produck you can assign roles with one click.

Release Reports & Burndown Charts

Produck Reports & Charts are automatically created on each sprint. They’re contextual and live-updated.

Inline rich-text editor for descriptions

Add fully-formatted (same as a Google Doc) requirements on each task so no one misses it!

Project portfolio management

Every folder has its own dashboard displaying an overview of nested projects and sprints.

Workflow builder

We are working on a powerful workflow builder that also includes triggers, actions from different apps, and machine-learning automatizations.

Inline attachments

Instead of saying “please review the file,” just say “check this out:” and drop your file below.

Visualize tasks by groups

Within a project’s list view, you can group tasks by: Status, Priority, Assignee, Sprint, Type, or Labels.

Nested epics

Have nested epics, creating different levels of hierarchy within your tasks.

Multi-project tasks

Any task (including epics) can belong to multiple projects for when you need different teams on different projects to take care of it.

Easily switch between list and board view

Visualize tasks as a list or quickly switch to Kanban boards view by clicking on the views toggle. No need to create new projects, boards, or whatever.

Intuitive and beautiful interface

We’ve created a tool that has the power product teams need with the simplicity and beauty everyone enjoys.

Statuses, labels, priorities, and estimates


Language support

Ease of use

Ease of Admin

English, Spanish & German


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Your team deserves to be more successful!

At the end of the day, it’s not just about the set of features a product offers but the experience and value it provides, and that’s exactly why we are better than Jira: if you want a fast, beautiful, and powerful tool that makes you more efficient and helps you successfully complete projects, you just use Produck.

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