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Why Produck?

The best way to introduce Produck is to let you in on the vision we had when we first set out to build it. As product people, we were looking for a project management tool that was both powerful and simple to use, with great permissions settings and seamless organization of projects and teams.

We found great tools that focus on simplicity and design, and others that focus on functionality and powerful features. But we felt there was something missing in between, so we set out to create a new project management tool for ourselves, and to help other product teams get more efficient by making it available to them as well.

As everything gets faster and users more demanding, teams are failing to create successful products that stay on time and on budget and deliver the expected value. The biggest factors are poor organization and management.

We want to change this. Our vision is to create a tool that:

  • Helps teams be more organized and efficient
  • Reduces project failure and increases communication
  • Reduces amount of time spent on management