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View Options

Everywhere tasks are displayed (such as projects, sprints, or saved filters), you can choose to view them in a list view or board (kanban) view. To switch between views, just click on the toggle on the right-hand corner.

List View

Here you can find tasks presented in a list format with task details columns:

  • Assignee(s)
  • Priority
  • Status
  • Estimate
  • Due Date
  • Project(s)
  • Sprint(s)
  • Label(s)

These columns can be turned on/off by view so you can customize what makes sense for you to see at a glance. To customize this, just click on the “Pinned Columns” dropdown and select what you want to see.

Create Task

On a list of task, create a new task at the end of the list by clicking the big button with a “+” icon. This adds a new row with an empty task for you to fill out. Pressing Shift+Enter creates another task below. With Backspace you can delete the task, and pressing Enter will save your changes.

Group By

Within a list view, you can group tasks by:

  • Status
  • Priority
  • Assignee
  • Sprint
  • Type
  • Labels

Board View

You can also see tasks on a board, or kanban, view, where everything is grouped by status and you can drag and drop tasks to reorder them or to move them to different statuses.

On the board view, you can choose which status columns to show. Note that if you have a task with statuses, you can’t hide that column. To customize this view, just click on the “Active Columns” dropdown and select which columns/statuses to show.