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Toggl + Produck

The Toggl Button Chrome extension seamlessly integrates into the Produck UI, letting users track their time in Produck. Toggl Button comes with idle detection, tracking reminders, pomodoro, and much more.

  1. Download the Toggl Button to add the time tracking extension to Chrome.
  2. Log in to Toggl so this extension can sync everything you log in Produck with your Toggl account. (You can keep the Toggl browser tab closed and still enjoy full integration and sync.)
  3. Start a Timer inside Produck by simply clicking on the red Toggl icon on your task details modal, just above status.
  4. To see your reports and timesheets, just go to your Toggl account!

Once installed, you will find the "Start timer" button on your task details right side:

For more information, visit Toggl support or contact the Toggl support team.