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A sprint can have multiple tasks from multiple projects; the key difference between a project and a sprint is that a sprint has a specific timeframe with a start and end date.

At the top of a sprint, under the start and end date, you will find two chart options: a Burndown Chart and Release Reports. Our goal is to give you the easiest and most powerful tools to keep your work on track, adapt to scope changes, and have a predicted time when things will get done, keeping projects on time and on budget so you can avoid surprises before it’s too late. See below for more information on these charts.

To add a task to one or more sprints, just add the sprint label(s) either from the tasks row or task details.

Sprints, like projects, show tasks in a list or board (kanban) view, and you can group tasks within a sprint by status, priority, assignee, and more. To learn more about grouping and views, see “View Options” under Workspace.