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How to add people?

There are 2 ways to invite people to collaborate on your team:

Invite from People Settings

From this setting, you can manage the people who belong to your team.

To add new members, just click on the button “Invite New Member”. This opens the invite modal where you can invite one or more people either by entering email addresses or by copying the invite link.

Note: When inviting someone to your team, they will not have a role assigned. To assign a role, you need to go to the Team Member Settings or to each Folder, Sprint, or Project Member Settings.

Invite from folder, sprint, or project Member Settings

Each folder, sprint, or project, has its unique member settings. Here you can simply add someone from your team or invite new members.

To add new members, just click on the button “Add Member”. This opens a dropdown where you can add someone from your team or invite a new member by entering the email address.

When adding an existing member or inviting a new one, you can select that person's role. You can choose between:

  • Manager
  • Member
  • Collaborator
  • Guest


When you add a member to a folder, that member’s access and role permissions cascade down.

For example, if you add Ryan to the folder Customer Support, he will have access the projects Support and Feedback, which are nested in this folder. Of course you can overwrite any project’s permissions to remove Ryan or change his role specifically for any of these nested projects.