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From the Billing page, you can access and manage your billing preferences and history.

Account Plans

At the top of the billing page, you can see all available plans: Free, Premium Yearly, and Premium Monthly. You can change your plan at any time.

Creating a Team
When you create a new Team account, you will automatically be put on the Premium Monthly plan with a 14-day free trial. During and after this trial, you will have the option to add your payment method and continue with Premium or downgrade to Free.

Free Guest Users (on Premium Plans)
Premium accounts can have unlimited free users with role Guest as long that user doesn't have any other role on any folder, sprint, or project.

For example, if you invite a new user and set the role to guest on team, but on Folder X you set him as member, then you will pay a for a seat.

Downgrading from Premium
When downgrading from a Premium plan to a Free plan you need to consider two important factors:

  1. Role Updates: Because a Free plan only offers the role of Member, all your users (including Guests) will be converted to Members
  2. Downgrading Storage: If your storage usage is over 100MB (the amount provided on the Free plan), you won't be able to upload files or download/view existing attachments.

Subscription Details

In this section you can see your current plan, how much you are paying (both per user and total), and when your next payment is scheduled.

To add or remove users, go to your team’s People settings.

Payment Details

In the payment details you can see the current payment method used for your team. To update your preferred payment method, click the “Update Payment Method” button.

You can pay for your Produck subscription with any major credit card. To make this easy for you, we use Stripe as our payment partner.

Company Details

To ensure we prepare an accurate invoice for your business, we offer a space for you to provide all your company’s details.

Billing History

Here you can review all your previous payments, download your invoices, and see the status of your payments.

To download an invoice, just click on the “Download PDF” link.